Wayne PA Basement Waterproofing

wayne theaterFor over a hundred years, Wayne has been considered one of nicest areas on the mainline. Only thirty minutes from Center City Philadelphia, it is a perfect suburban neighborhood for the wealthy and up-scale to live. Many very expensive homes built years ago before the detail to basement waterproofing was even realized and enforced with the newest building codes. These new codes have created the need for safe guarding major real estate investment along with potential health issues caused by damp and wet basements. Million dollar homes with basement water issues can become huge problems left unattended.

Wayne PA located in the western suburbs of Philadelphia is one of the nicest places to raise a family in and around Philadelphia. The school system is one of best in the PA. With crime rate literally non existent and the median income so high waterproofing your basement must be a proactive choice as water has a way to get where it wants to go.

Tri-Couny Waterproofing serves the entire mainline and has worked in Wayne for over twenty years. Wayne has some of the highest educated professionals commuting daily with major investments in their Real Estate. These executives are intelligent to protect any and all investments including making their home a healthy place to live.

ACT FAST! – Our Rapid Response Teams cannot service everybody unfortunately, so call now and get ahead of the masses, we operate on a first come first served basis. Check out our reviews we never leave a customer unhappy!

NO POWER? NO PROBLEM!  –  Our Rapid Response Teams carry portable generators, we bring the power with us.

Mold Treatment – Mold will quickly take root on wet drywall and wooden building materials. Tri County’s Rapid Response Teams carry industrial mold inhibitors to treat your home in order to prevent further damage from invasive mold growth.