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A sump pump is the heart of your water management system. If the heart fails, everything fails. At Tri-county Waterproofing, we only utilize the best pumps on the market, for maximum longevity and superior performance. Our ½ Horse Power pumps can handle even the most demanding water problems. A stronger pump means more gallons per hour being removed from your home, so even the strongest downpours can be handled easily. A stronger pump also translates to much more flexibility in pump placement and discharge location. Discharge lines often need to run up and across a basement to avoid discharging the wastewater onto a drive way or being unsightly in the front of a home. These long runs put more pressure on the pump and can lead to premature failure (See our technical specification document below for more detailed information on sump pump performance).

Waterproofing services

Hidden Underground Discharge

While most companies will simply discharge the excess water out though the side of your home onto a splash block, which is very unsightly, Tri-county Waterproofing will always (where possible) provide you with a hidden underground discharge. The water will be directed into a 4’ solid PVC pipe buried underground, which will in turn carry the water 10’ away from your home and into an underground “drywell”. Ask your in-home inspector for more information on hidden discharges.

Battery Backup Systems

If you live in a area prone to power outages, you should consider a battery backup system. Sump pumps require electricity to work, so no matter how strong your pump is, it is useless in a power outage situation. Battery backups come in the form of a second battery powered pump installed in the same well as your main pump. The backup pumps are located higher than the main pump so they will only activate in the event of a main pump failure. We also offer Hydro Backup pumps. These pumps utilize the water pressure from your city water supply to power the pump, so no matter how long the power is out for, your sump pump will continue to keep your home dry!

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