Princeton, NJ Flood Damage Restoration

Whether it is from a burst pipe, an overflowing toilet, a roof leak or the local creek, flood waters can devastate your Princeton, NJ home. While this may be an emotional nightmare, it does not have to become a long drawn out affair. Tri-­County Waterproofing can take the stress away with our full service company acting rapidly to restore your home to its original condition. We will arrive at your Princeton property within a couple of hours from your call, ready to handle whatever we encounter. Some things will inevitably have to be removed from the property and disposed of, such as wet sheet-rock and wood baseboard, other things may be salvageable with the correct drying techniques and equipment. We carry state of the art drying equipment giving us the ability to handle any eventuality. But we won’t stop at emergency service and leave you with a half torn out home to deal with. Tri-­County Waterproofing will take whatever steps are necessary to dry your Princeton, NJ home to an acceptable moisture condition, and then rapidly repair and replace any building structure such as the missing drywall and baseboard. We will work with you the homeowner, to determine your selections for any decorative item replacement such as a replacement carpet. Maybe now is the time you get that brand new carpeting that you have been putting off for a few months and it generally won’t cost you a penny out of pocket! No renovation project is too large. Our highly skilled finish carpenters can handle even the most elaborate restoration project.

Let Tri-­County’s rapid response team take the weight of your shoulders, call us now and we will take you from wet to dry in the blink of an eye!

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