Crawlspace Encapsulation

The Problem…

crawlspace before and after 2If you enter your home’s crawlspace, the problem is immediately evident. The smell of must and mold hangs in the air. They are damp, dark and the perfect place to produce mold that thrives in these conditions. Animals can access them and make beds/nests in the insulation, and since the crawl space is part of the house’s structure, this can lead to contaminated air being dispersed into the living area. Experience has shown us that traditional vented crawl spaces are inadequate. They have higher humidity due to the changes in outside temperature. The warm, humid air during the summer months enters the crawl space and then cools causing the relative humidity in the crawl space to go even higher. With Tri-county’s specialized crawl space encapsulation system, the relative humidity will stay below 55% even when the outside humidity is significantly higher.

What we do….

Tri-County Waterproofing will assess the crawl space area and walk you through the encapsulation process. We only use the highest quality materials and an up to date approach which makes a huge difference in the final outcome. When Tri-County encapsulates your crawl space we will take the following steps:

  • Cover 100% of the ground with a thick durable vapor barrier
  • Seal the crawl space vents
  • Treat the entire area with an EPA registered anti-fungal agent
  • Insulate the foundation walls and band joints if needed
  • Seal all seams and joints
  • Condition the air using a custom built crawlspace dehumidifier and condensate pump if required

This treatment will create better air quality in your crawl space therefore your home, increase your energy efficiency which can in turn lower your energy bills by up to 20% all while creating a more comfortable home by reducing humidity and pests.

Why Choose Tri-County……

Damp and wet crawl spaces are a common problem that will only continue to get worse over time, affecting the value of your home. Tri-County will resolve this problem for you PERMANENTLY and create a safer environment for you and your family by designing a custom solution for your unique situation. Our highly trained, courteous installers will solve your problem effectively and efficiently. Our systems are tried and tested and come with a no quibbles lifetime guarantee!

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