Cherry Hill NJ Basement Waterproofing

cherry_hill_stationThe Lenni-Lenape Native Americans were the first to settle Cherry Hill but they certainly didn’t have the need for basement waterproofing. A few hundred years later that has changed dramatically. With so many homes having basements the need to keep them waterproof is a real and constant endeavor. One can only guess there wasn’t the need for the idea of basement water proofing or building codes to oblige at that time.

After World War II the population of Cherry Hill took off and new homes were being built everywhere. The big boom came in the 1980’s with luxury homes going up like like crazy. Full basements with recreation rooms and walk out basements. Little was really known at that time about waterproofing basements and much was learned the hard way. Cherry Hill developers meant well but hadn’t the experience to waterproof basement even in million dollar homes the correct way at that time. Tri County Waterproofing has been doing this for over twenty years and can make your home safe from water intrusion and a much healthier place to live.

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swiper2Mold Treatment – Mold will quickly take root on wet drywall and wooden building materials. Tri County’s Rapid Response Teams carry industrial mold inhibitors to treat your home in order to prevent further damage from invasive mold growth.

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