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The problem…

Flooded Living Room Water leakage in basements is sadly an all too common problem. There can be many places were water can penetrate your foundation and intrude into your living space. In the majority of cases, the fundamental cause behind this issue is hydrostatic pressure. This is the pressure that water builds up as the water table rises and falls in the subterranean soil around your home. Other common problem areas are cracks in your foundation wall and leakage through window wells or pipe penetrations through the foundation. Many people incorrectly assume that basement waterproofing is simply applying a sealer to your basement walls. However, this only relieves insignificant dampness temporarily and water leakage WILL CONTINUE TO OCCUR. Sealers are ineffective because they do not handle the pressure that water exerts on the foundation. Without a basement waterproofing system that releases the hydrostatic pressure, water problems will not improve, they will only get worse. When considering the hazards, a wet basement can pose to the health of your family, the ability to use the additional basement square footage as a living space and thus increasing your home’s resale value the choice becomes very simple.

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What we do…

Tri-County Waterproofing will assess your problem and educate you on the cause and appropriate solutions available. In many cases, we install a Sub-Floor Pressure Relief system (often referred to as a French Drain), consisting of 4” solid wall PVC located in a drainage trench below the floor of your basement, along with 24” diameter water grabber sump well and a top of the line durable ½ horsepower sump pump. Other options, such as Epoxy injected wall cracks may be necessary or perhaps a window well tap to prevent water from penetrating during heavy downpours. Tri-County Waterproofing has over 25 years of experience handling basement water removal. We specialize in resolving your basement water concerns with solutions specific to your needs and pride ourselves in the ability to handle any basement concern regardless of the size or age of the property.

Why Choose Tri-County…

Water in basements is a common problem that will only continue to get worse over time, affecting the value of the home that you have worked so hard for. Let Tri-County Waterproofing’s 25 years of experience handling basement water removal resolve this problem for you PERMANENTLY. Our employees are courteous and punctual and we deliver what we promise. Ask about our “middle of the floor guarantee” on a full perimeter system installation. Water in your basement? Then you should consider a superior Tri-County basement waterproofing system.

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