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Who we are…

aboutBrian and James, long term friends who are more like family. We have been the functional heart of a couple of large waterproofing companies for many years. If you know somebody who has had basement waterproofing or structural repair done in the past 2 decades, the odds are good that one or both of us had a hand in it. What we have come to realize is that these companies were not just selling services, they were selling US. We were the face of customer relations for these companies, their customers loved the company because they loved us. Our personal concern and ability to get things achieved expediently and fairly won the respect of thousands of customers over the years.  It’s now time we sell ourselves directly to loyal customers and provide them with 100% commitment and service they will rave about to their friends and family.

Our mission…

After being in the dry out and waterproofing business for over 25 years, we believe it is time for an easy, honest and efficient approach to purchasing the protection your home needs. With our “open book” pricing, we aim to create a fair playing field for all customers. While we may offer incentives, unlike other companies, we will not overprice our services in order to provide false discounts. You the customer, and your satisfaction is our ultimate focus. There is no better compliment we can receive than a satisfied customer referring us to a friend or neighbor in need of our services.

Our promise…

Tri-County Waterproofing promises to deliver expedient, outstanding service for all your water related problems without compromising quality. We pride ourselves in providing a high caliber service you can trust and will provide you with a FREE, NO OBLIGATION, ESTIMATE for any size project. We will take all your needs and concerns seriously and walk you through the process, to deliver you Immediate results and upfront pricing that is fair. As hands on people, we will look forward to meeting you on your project, be sure to say Hi and ask any questions you may have.


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